Custom Slides

Slides are also known as Athletic Slides or Pool Slides, have become a huge sensation over the years as many people both young and older love slides since they do not affect the toe area as a Flip Flop does.

A Slide is defined as a shoe that is backless and open-toed with a strap that goes over the toes or over the lower half of the foot. The term is descriptive in that this style shoe is easy to “ slide ” on and off the foot when the wearer wants to do so.

All types of Sport Teams wear them with their socks on or off before they place their sneakers or cleats on for their actual event and then replace those just as quick after their game. Both men and women favor this type of Slide sandal as something easier to wear while attending an event.

We at do not carry Branded Slides such as Adidas, Nike, Puma, Reebok or Champion. Our Slides are not meant to compete as we brand each Custom order with a client’s Company, Team, Product Endorsement, Event or School Name on them. Our Slides we sell are used to promote that NAME; of the Company, Team, Event, Product or School’s Event Name.

We offer a Simple Giveaway Style called The Slider which comes in a few colors with a White Middle Layer / Stripe and allows only text placed on the outer straps. This style also comes with a Drawstring Mesh Bag in the same color as the Slide.

Our NEW Custom Full Color Slide; the sole footbed comes in almost 20 Foam Colors that are the main colors of Corporate logos, team or mascot colors. The Fabric Strap is attached to both the left and right side of each foot letting the wearer’s foot just slide in under the strap. This Slide can also have an added extra Heavy Traction Sole.

The Custom Full Color Slide allows a Full Color Imprint on the Strap and a 1-3 Color on the Heel of the Sole or even the Full Sole itself. ( There will be an Extra $5.00 per Pair charge if you require an Individual’s Personalized Name or Number on the Second Side Strap. )

The Warrior Slide is fully custom made where you the client; picks the 1-3 Layers of the Sole and the Suede Strap color to make yourself that Ultimate Custom Slide Sandal. The Velcro Straps are embroidered while the Sole is Screen-printed. With over 250 Pairs; you can also have a SandPrint Bottom – that prints your logo and or Text in the sand as you walk.

To Compliment the Warrior Slide, we also offer the Synergy Flip Flops. Here you can mix and match the Same Strap and Sole Materials on Both Styles and have all feel they can get what they want.

NEW for 2017 is our Aero Custom Rubber Slides. Here you can have a Black Adjustable Velcro Strap made of a Synthetic Suede with a high quality Rubber Mix Sole and a Thin Topsole Coated Layer that can produce Full Sole imprint colors from one to full color and edge to edge bleeds with the Highest of Vibrant Colors.

Our Super Slide offers the wearer a Full Color Outside Velcro Strap and the Interior of that strap as well in Full Color. This style also allows for a 1-Full Color Imprint on the Heel too.

SLIDE HEAVEN; the Top-of-the-Line ~ because the feel you get is like you’re soaring high in this Injected Molded Slide that is contoured to the foot, has a massaging footbed design while the straps can be printed totally from Edge 2 Edge with your 1 Color to Full Color design separately or on both feet. We have even perfected imprinting on the Slide Heaven Sandals Side Wall ( Extra Fee ).

As you can see in the World of Custom Slides; we offer something for everyone. Whether it’s for your Schools Fundraiser, your Swim Team, Dance Group, Cheer team, Lacrosse Team, Football, Soccer, Basketball, Baseball or Hockey team too, Your Company Outing or Beach Event or Any other Special Event like a Bar / Bat Mitzvah, Sweet 16 or even a Wedding; Please choose or let us help you decide on what would work best for you.

The Best is;
We ONLY Promote YOU and YOUR BRAND! We do not put our Label on YOUR Slide Sandals!

If your looking for Private Label Slides, Full Design Slides, Custom Stamped Slides, Personalized Slides we can help.